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Looking For Promotional Golf Gifts? Make It A Unique & Useful Gift With Exact Golf Tool

Are you looking for unique idea for promotional golf gifts that can be customized with your corporate logo? Golf related items are hugely popular as corporate promotional gifts. That’s not surprising when you consider that some of the biggest business deals are made on the greens!

When you’re looking for a promotional golf gifts, the key is to look for something unique and more importantly, something they will use. Experienced golfers usually already have what they need and your gift may lie forgotten, while a unique, useful gift will be used often and will serve as a constant reminder of a brand.

Introducing Exact Golf Tools – Unique & Useful Promotional Golf Gifts

The Exact Golf Tool brand designs revolutionary, one-of-a-kind golf tools that most golfers may not even know they need. Once they’ve used any one of these tools though, they’ll wonder how they lived without it. 

Every item by Exact Golf Tool is designed to be multi-functional, with a divot repair tool function and ball marker function being standard features. The Exact Golf Tool ball marker is the most precise golf marker on the market. This is an item that any golfer is sure to keep in their golf kit at all times.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the items you can choose from:

  • Exact Golf 5-in-1 Unique Ball Marker – The Exact Golf 5-in-1 Ball Marker features a ball marker, divot repair tool, groove cleaner, club holder and cigar holder.
  • Exact Golf 3-in-1 Unique Ball Marker – The 3-in-1 Unique Ball Marker features a ball marker, divot repair tool and groove cleaner.
  • Cabretta Leather Gloves with 3-in-1 Unique Ball Marker – These stylish, comfortable gloves are designed with a special closure piece to insert the 3-in-1 ball marker so it’s always on hand.

All Exact Golf Tool items are made of high quality steel and designed with sharp, durable edges and crafted in the USA.

Personalizing Exact Golf Tools

At Exact Golf Tool, we understand the importance of personalizing promotional gifts. We personalize bulk orders of Exact Golf Tool items with your corporate name and logo.

Personalized golf gifts are versatile and can be given away on any occasion including charity events, tournaments, milestone birthdays or anniversaries, congratulatory gifts, and more. When you personalize the item with your corporate logo, it helps to keep your company name foremost in the mind of the recipient. It’s a subtle yet powerful way to market your brand.

When you gift a personalized golf item from Exact Golf Tool you know you are giving something that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

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